Teak Carvings

All of the carvings shown are of Teak . None are signed and the carvers are unknown, being artisans from Indonesia. Contact Dennis Fitzgerald of Aiken Antiques and Auctions at: 803-221-3771 for more information.


Old Dude liftinng Heavy apple looking thingy. About 3/4 life size dude. Huge mongous apple. Not the computer type.

Still pushing, apple won't budge.

One of these guys could help him move the thing....


These guys never forget... and the teak would never rot.

I'd slide off this slick bench.. Notice the found wood carvings in the back.

Squiggaly chair.

Knarled roots.

Close-up... the thinker?


Pumpkins... for some reason, my favorite.


This critter is 3 feet wide and stands about 7 feet tall. Th bottom is on the right. It is litteraly a tree trunk!


This guy is another of my favorite pieces. About 4 fett tall.

Monkey Business.

Another Monkey... anyone we know? Mark? No, Marks more of the gorilla type. Too bad he doesn't have internet and can't see this! He-he.

Wood Spirits, Teak patina. How wood you like to sink your

knife into this?